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sfeng said: Haha I'm the same as the other person, I read almost everything rofl. I'm also joining the Ivy league next year. Cornell Class of 2016 (Unless I get off of Princeton's waitlist... then i'll be suffering from really terrible emotional turmoil), but anyways, this blog is hilarious. Great job! :D


simplicure said: I adore your blog. I finally feel worthy to be able to follow it. I'm going to attend Cornell (class of 2016).


elphabaforpresidentofgallifrey said: im a recently committed quaker! this blog makes me sooooo happy :-D


Anonymous said: Heya! Got accepted to UPenn but commited to Haverford instead. Both gave me equal financial aid but the Ford is just too too beautiful and warm. Life is good.


yourargumentizinvalid said: Hey! I am now legitimately following your blog. I was accepted as a junior transfer to good ol' Penn. Go Quakers! :D


Anonymous said: I got into Penn with a 2100 SAT and a 32 ACT score, so people have to realize that it's not all about the scores. Sometimes, it's a killer essay and whether or not you fit into the type of class they want :)


Anonymous said: ...I'm an Ivy League student without an eating disorder.

Yup, so am I, anon.


Anonymous said: "people who are smart hate themselves"? Fascinating. I didn't really think that was a commonly believed notion IRL. How true does it ring exactly? If it's not most of them is it a larger percentage than you'd think? Give us your best guess, if you don't mind. I'm sorry if I sound a bit nosy, just curious.

I don’t think that this is a commonly believed notion, either…everyone I know who is intelligent (and this is not just Ivy League students, either, there are all kinds and levels of smarts) does not hate him/herself. I…honestly have no idea, and I don’t feel I’m qualified to make this judgment! Sorry if it seems like a cop-out, I truly do not think I can give an accurate guess.


Anonymous said: Every Ivy League student I know has an eating disorder (granted I only know 4). Is that because people who are smart hate themselves or just because they're perfectionists or is it because that's a coincidence?

Answering this here because I think it’s incredibly important.

I definitely do not think that this applies to every student. It must have to do with the background of the students or something else. The statement “people who are smart hate themselves” is in no way a fair statement. It may be true that there is a huge amount of pressure on students, but this is only because they, by and large, put it on themselves in order to succeed and do well. If these four students are all from the same area and high school, perhaps that has something to do with it more than their college.

If anyone else has any thoughts on this, feel free to send a message.